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The Most Outrageous Guest Requests

ThejeffersonForbes Traveler has done an interesting piece on the most outrageous customer service stories. One story recounts how a guest at the Jefferson (pictured, right) requested a grand piano, a pianist and two carolers in his suite on Christmas Eve. The door to the suite was too small, so the piano had to be taken apart, and reassembled inside the room. But, the Jefferson staff prevailed, and delivered a truly outstanding experience.

Just as the concept of "celebrity chefs" like Michelin star winner Gordon Ramsay have reinvented the fine dining experience by describing the compelling backstory behind top restaurants, hotel concierges and other customer service superstars are starting to gain notoriety. In particular, Danny Meyer, founder of the Union Square Cafe, shares some of his customer service philosophies in his new book, "Setting The Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business".

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