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What Hotels Should Learn from AOL


Today's NYTimes (registration required) exposes a security flaw in most public WiFi networks -- the ability for someone to hack in and capture information. In one case, someone was routinely able to capture around 100 passwords per visit at about half the hotels surveyed. 

While not clearly not on the same level today as the notorious leak that left 20 million search queries available for public download, hotels are increasingly finding new ways to use their wifi networks, for their own operations as well as capturing lobby information to create their own database of (guest) intentions.

2006 Fall Color Trends

Db_aloft Following up on last year’s list of colors, in 2006 Pantone's survey of tastemakers finds more neutral colors, perhaps reflecting new uses of color in public spaces such as upscale hotels like Aloft or NYLO Hotels, who have begun hiring superstar design talent like David Rockwell (whose portfolio includes the Chambers Hotel New York, Nobu, and Gordon Ramsay's Maze) and Stephane Dupoux (creator of bars including New York's Cielo, London's Cocoon, and Miami's Champagne Lounge) to help them build new experiences.

"Fall 2006 is a time to transition back to more dependable color," says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.® "We're looking for colors we can wrap ourselves in - a feeling achieved through classic neutrals as a base, accented with rich hues. Half of the palette, remarkably, is expressed is basic chestnuts - all very familiar, very approachable tones. It's an inviting warmth not seen in the past few seasons that designers are now embracing."

Each season, Pantone surveys designers showing at New York Fashion Week and collects feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration, color philosophy and each designer's signature shades. This information is used to create the PANTONE Fashion Color Report. The top ten - and each color's hexadecimal value and Pantone number are as follows:

  1. Simply Taupe (#C4B399, PANTONE 16-0906)
  2. Pale Khaki (#D3C593, PANTONE 15-1216)
  3. Apple Cinnamon (#D49F43, PANTONE 17-1045)
  4. Golden Ochre (#E6871C, PANTONE 16-1346)
  5. Mineral Red (#D53932, PANTONE 17-1537)
  6. Frost Gray (#8F908E, PANTONE 17-0000)
  7. Vetiver (#959173, PANTONE 17-0613)
  8. Bijou Blue (#395889, PANTONE 18-3921)
  9. Purple Magic (#7A2183, PANTONE 19-3540)
  10. Red Mahogany (#820009, PANTONE 19-1521)

Link: Pantone Fashion Color Report 2006 (Adobe Acrobat required)

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