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History Repeats Itself: Learning From Transistor Radios

Steve Outing points to a new piece by Poynter blogger Rich Gordon, which describes the fall of the U.S. electronics industry to cheap Japanese radios, and how newspapers are making the same mistake.

Newspapers and malls alike are focusing on their existing businesses because that's where they get their money. Gordon is absolutely terrified because he sees how much money online operations are making...and despite the very clear trends in the growth and influence of online media, how little it is affecting the way these companies do business. 

Follow the money, follow the power.

Outing goes on to quote Gordon: "Thinking back to the lessons of rock 'n' roll radio, portability may be the most important media attribute for young people. And a new generation of portable devices -- cellphones, iPods and PlayStation Portables -- might be today's transistor radios."


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