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Ephron on Getting People Involved

Ephron_1While Forrester Research makes its "Most Effective Online Ad Formats" report available for free for a limited time, media guru Erwin Ephron goes a bit further and provides a timely analysis of what makes people get involved with their advertising. (registration required for both)

Consumers have always had a different relationship with magazines than with media. Unfortunately, Ephron points out that research has been used to pit one magazine versus the other, as opposed to showing how magazines stack up against other media.

People vote with their dollars and attention to read their favorite magazines, and if you're an enthusiast, you'll even get a subscription. The advertising in a magazine like Lucky gets consumers involved     because of who they are, what they are reading and what is being advertised. In contrast, you could be a teenage girl, watching ABC's Lost and get an ad for Cialis. Or, as Ephron puts it:

"...It is a magazine’s combination of advertising relevance and reader   control that produces greater reader involvement with advertising. Just as   it is TV’s combination of less relevance and less control that can trigger   the viewer’s “nuclear option” . . . Which is dial switching. The opposite of involvement."

If Google has an Achille's heel right now - and history repeats itself - it is their pride in their particular business model. Some of their recent moves have been to ensure that the Google brand remains front and center in applications.


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