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Apple v TigerDirect, Pt II

AppleFLORIDA, USA - TigerDirect has lost yet another round to Apple Computer, now that Apple is free to use "Tiger" for its Mac OS X 10.4. Previously, TigerDirect's Perception Digital MP3 player has been lost in the market, when compared to the Apple iPod.

What's next - naming Mac OS X 10.5 "Amazon"?

While sources like AppleInsider and SiliconValley.com pooh-pooh Tiger's claims, those writing the articles have probably never felt the business end of Apple's famed legal team, who have laid claim to a remarkably broad number of uses for the term "Apple", including Applecorps - you know, the recording arm for that obscure band named The Beatles.

The Beatles released most of their later albums on the Apple Records label, with its unique labeling--a green-skinned Apple on the A-side and the halved apple for the B-side. A deal was struck in 1981 to avoid conflict ... but who could have guessed Apple's subsequent foray into digital music?


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