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With Spring, The Cerises Are In Bloom

Takashiripoffs_smallIt was bound to happen. As the New York Times reports, New York sidewalk vendors are well stocked with all kinds of variations of Takashi's Monogram Cerises handbag design.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel has some great advice for people who want the design without spending a fortune for it:

  1. First, steer completely clear of those manufacturers who avoid the law by making bags with different logos. You know, the interlocking G’s instead of C’s, random flowers and crosses instead of the LV print, etc. I’m serious. Run, don’t walk. Everyone will know, and you’ll look like a patsy.
  2. Study up on the real thing and find something with quality. It should have good leather and hardware, be sturdily put together and lined. If you wouldn’t buy it in plain black, don’t buy it in a famous print.
  3. A better solution to your cherry problem, however, would be to save up and get a wallet or coin purse that’s the real deal. The famous "pochette" bag is available on eLuxury.com for $355. Believe me, anyone who knows anything about designer bags will have more respect for a small, authentic piece than the largest and most convincing fake out there.

Great advice.

Broadband pundit Om Malik is shocked that some people will buy an MP3 player that is not an iPod, or buy a $400 PC when they can buy a $500 Mac Mini. Perhaps there are more creative ways to create entry points for a luxury brand.


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