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Lessons from the Super Bowl

My first lesson was to think twice when trying to pick winners in NFL games. However, fantasy football is on the rise and I think it will be a sweet spot in future consumer marketing.

The second lesson is about the emergence of broadband advertising. The Ameriquest spots were probably the funniest and the Tabasco spot reminded lots of men about the benefits of TiVo. The bear kicking Burt Reynolds in a groin was funny and probably helped people remember that FedEx bought Kinkos. While Fox chose to pull the second GoDaddy ad after the NFL made its opinion known, it will be interesting to watch how the buzz will build.

The third lesson is about retail merchandising. The video floors during the halftime show were much more powerful than the Fox turfcams. I wouldn't be surprised to see retailers in New York or Rodeo Drive incorporate them into future store designs.

Link: Fox Sports Super Bowl Ads


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