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NewBeauty Mag Launches

NewbeautymagazineBoca Raton-based Sandow Media has launched NewBeauty Magazine, "the ultimate cosmetic enhancement guide,'' tapping a rapidly-growing audience looking for information about cosmetic surgery procedures and a growing competition among doctors and health spas. The magazine is launching as 13 regional and one national editions, each about 300 pages.

Profit-hungry newspapers and magazines have recently begun looking at the world of "custom publishing" more closely, engaging advertisers in conversations (subscription required) to find out what kinds of editorial they would be interested in sponsoring.

Demographics are going to accelerate interest in well-established health-related industries that have until now stayed under the radar of the average consumer, ranging from homeopathic medicine to acupuncture. I think that magazines and newspapers should consider publishing special editions featuring editorial, directories of accredited practioners, how-to guides, in combination with a bimonthly email newsletter and practitioner rating program to gauge ongoing interest.

Link: NewBeauty magazine website


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