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Sharing the Wealth in the Genetic Lottery

Poolphoto30finger184_1I feel that people on both sides of the aisle want what is best for the country. This feeling may be so strong, sometimes, that it is hard for us to see the perspectives of others.

No major issue in American history has ever passed without strong disagreement. I think our collective ability to have these disagreements  and still remain willing to move on and live another day is one reason why America continues to be so great.

My grandfather's land was seized one hundred years ago because it was illegal for non-whites to own property in Denver. But despite it all, he loved his adopted country and he passed on a deep sense of civics and responsibility to his children. In a way, anyone who lives in America, today, is truly a winner in the genetic lottery.

Think of today's vote in Iraq as sharing our prosperity with others. I think we should salute true heroes - like Colombia-born Carlos Valenzuela, the U.N. election organizer in Iraq - who has, for 13 years, organized fair elections in Iraq and other dangerous places around the world. I hope that we can all find it in our hearts to be happy for those  people in Iraq who are trying to do a very big thing...and like my grandfather, dare to dream of a better life for their children.

Let freedom ring, indeed.

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." (T.S. Eliot)

Link: Democracy in Iraq blog


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