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Amazon, the Retail Store

Amazon_1Amazon has launched an in-store pickup service that lets you order online at Amazon and pick up the item at Circuit City. I wouldn't be surprised if the next step is Amazon as a store. 

I think an Amazon in-store experience could leverage cheap LCD high-def screens, theatre-quality sound, and intimate knowledge of shopper desires to create an enormously compelling shopping experience. Like Build-A-Bear, whose success has come from placing the process of product selection front and center, an Amazon store along these lines would make it fun for consumers to explore new and unfamiliar brands and products.

Amazon could get faster time-to-market by working closely with malls and mall retailers. Amazon could cut deals with retailers and brands without storefronts to "cache" inventory, to be sold at one price to retailers, and at another price if resold through the Amazon storefront. Brands like Levi's or Nike could use the combined Amazon/mall infrastructure to satisfy three audiences simultaneously: sales through department stores and mall retailers like The Buckle; sales through the Amazon store; and same-day delivery on online sales to consumers close to the mall. This could be a huge boost for malls, if it is successful in attracting brands that are not currently leasing in malls.

Link: Amazon In-Store Pickup


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