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Looking In on The 10 Richest Streets in the World

I was once told that 40% of the world's real estate value was tied up in less than 1% of the actual land mass. I took today's "Wealth Report" and turned it into an interactive map so you could actually see where these streets are and get a sense of the actual topography. This mashup will let you zoom in on the cities, then switch from "Road" to "Aerial". Click on the balloons and you'll see sample real estate prices for that area. Seeing the data this way lets you marvel at the size of the swimming pools in Monaco...or gasp at the land values in Mumbai, India.

If you believe the comments, just missing the cut are places like Tuckers Town Road in Bermuda or Sandbanks in the city of Dorset, England.

With the changes in fuel prices, the world's value topography will be reshaped as it gets more expensive to move physical product. The value of these streets increases along with access to public transportation, availability of fine dining options, and of course, ready access to world shipping lanes. I'd expect real estate values near public transportation to go up by 2-3x, even as the overall real estate industry experiences the estimated $16 billion of deleveraging that has to take place, somehow.


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